X-Men: First Class title sequence and trailer


Few days ago i saw the work of Joe D! in vimeo, he was inspired by a bunch of 60’s movies and he made a bootleg title sequence on after effects for the upcoming X-Men movie. This prequel takes place in the 60’s and will be focused in the stories of Magneto and Professor X before they became what we already know. Anyway, this video is so well done that for a while i thought it was the original title sequence! :)
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Paul – Review


Few days ago i had the chance to see “Paul”, the alien movie, not the octopus ;)
The movie is about two geeky english guys going on a trip to see Comic-con and then visiting the area 54 whereabouts… during that trip they find some impolite but funny alien named Paul who just escaped from a secret base where they kept him for years.
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No strings attached – Film review


Few days ago i was at the premiere of the film called “No strings attached‘ with some friends.
This comedy features Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. I know the title might seem a little strange if you are outside US, but this film is also called “Sex friends” in some countries like France. The film was directed by Ivan Reitman, who was there to show us the film :)

The story is about this girl (Emma) who can’t be in a real relationship and her brokenhearted friend (Adam). They start being more than friends at some point and they try to keep on being friends. Continue reading “No strings attached – Film review”