Who will take the best pictures of Croatia?

Few days ago the parisian agency Influence Digitale and the National office of tourism of Croatia, started a contest to choose the french blogger that could make the best pictures of Croatia.

I’ve always loved photography since i was very little and when i saw the contest i decided to participate.
So i sent the agency a couple of pictures and now people can vote for the blogger they like the most in this website.
If i win, they send me one week to make pictures and see all the beautiful landscapes. Just what i need to recharge my batteries.
As part of the contest i have to say in my blog wich part of the country i would like to visit and i have to say, this was quite difficult to decide because there are so many different things to see over there.
I heard a lot about the city of Duvrovnik and their beaches so i would love to see that.

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Adieu Bush!

I have to say i am not the kind of person that like to talk about politics very much but at this moment it is impossible to run away from all the Bush, Obama, Mc Cain thing.
I have decided to make a couple of posts about Obama and Bush.
Everyone is happy because Bush is going away tomorrow

He did all wrong (or almost), and he also made us laugh…so here’s a couple of videos with some funny moments

Im glad its over :)

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OMG! the end of the world is comming!

Or that is what our friend, Roland Emmerich wants us to think (again!). His new film is comming out next year…and its called 2012.
According to wikipedia “2012 is claimed by some with New age beliefs to be a great year of spiritual transformation (or alternatively an apocalypse). There is disagreement among believers as to whether 2012 will see an end of civilization, or humanity will be elevated to a higher level.”
Some people speculate over the end of the Maya calendar wich says that a cataclysm will take place on or about December 21, 2012…some people even started blaming the Large Hadron Collider for this one…they actually believe it can create a black hole and swallow the earth!
Maybe Roland believes in these things so he made up this film…and the trailer is right here..

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