Light Rhapsody

Marc Czerwiec and Vivien Testard made this beautiful installation called “Light Rhapsody”.
To create this, they projected images in different parts of the body of a model.
She really had a lot of patience because it took them two days of work to shoot all those body images.
They shot with a D90 and a 1Dmk4. The other images were shot in New York.
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Meet Meline

Few days ago, Sebastien Laban and Virginie Goyons finally released their long awaited short film named “Meet Meline”.
They started working on it during their free time the nights and the weekend back in 2007 and many people followed the production news little by little in this forum.
When i first saw the film, it reminded me of things like Final Fantasy animations, or some Ghibli films.
For an independent short film with no budget i think the result is just bluffing! It is as good as big production animations in my oppinion! The way the little girl and the camera move, the lights and backgrounds are just awesome! Continue reading Meet Meline

How to train a dragon

Few days ago i had the chance to be invited by Way to blue and Paramount pictures France, to watch the lattest Dreamworks film, “How to train a dragon” in 3-D in a cinema of champs elysées in France. Continue reading How to train a dragon

Augmented (Hyper) Reality

Keiichi Matsuda made this really cool project for his Masters degrée final project in architecture.
He imagined how the world would be if we mixed augmented reality to everyday life.
Some things look really cool, like the way you can see your friends and talk to them, the way you could interact with things and find information. I’m sure this kind of technology can be very useful in a lot of ways.
But some other things look a bit scary, according to this video, brands would be pretty much everywhere polluting your sight, and you wouldn’t need to use your brain very much to make something as simple as a tea. I wonder if this kind of thing would make us dumber if it existed…
The thing is i’m not sure we are very very far from having something like this one day.
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