Quechua – We all need warmth


Today i came across this heartwarming ad by Quechua, a french sport furniture brand.
In the ad we can see several animals from the forest looking for some warmth.
This ad was made by Fred & Farid, produced by Irene As for the making of it was directed by Studio Ores. The music: Chut on vous écoute.
I think it’s the cutest ad i’ve seen in a while! :)
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Dior Games – 2011/2012 make-up collection


Dior just released a really cute new ad inspired by the video game universe to advertise their winter 2011 make-up collection.
I love their products, i’ve been wearing them for years and they are amazing!
Anyway… they did a really nice job on this video! anyone got the name of the song and the art director?
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Citroen – Wash me if you can (sponsored post)

Citroen is releasing a new version of their C3 car called “the visiodrive”.
Their new ad has not yet been released openly but i am allowed to show it to you all along with the making of!

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The Specs Effect

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen the Axe ad ‘billions’ that was released a couple of years ago. The axe ad was probably insprired by Patrick Süskind‘s novel called “Parfume” wich is a great book and there is also the movie with the same name. I’m pretty sure most guys loved the ad, and will probably love the parody of this ad that was just released by Specsavers in England, Continue reading The Specs Effect