Fujitsu Lifebook4life campaign


Fujitsu just released a campaign called Lifebook4life where they choose 40 insiders from 12 countries from Europe and the Middle East.

This campaign was done last year with 53 insiders. This year Fujitsu chose the top 10 insiders than won last year to participate this year with other 30 insiders.

As i was chosen as one of the insiders for the campaign, i will be blogging for the next weeks at the Fujitsu blog, where i will have to accomplish different tasks and maybe if i get lucky i get to win a trip :)
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Melissa + Post-it – Power of love


Today we have a beautiful stop motion post-it art that comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
It was made by the shoe brand Melissa, to advertise their new spring/summer 2012 collection called “The power of love”.
The brand has a place called “Gallery Melissa” where they did this amazing work on their 5 facades.
The whole thing took 5 months of work, 25 animators, over 350.000 post-its that were used to do the animation and recycled.
The people who were invited to leave a message in the walls and at the end they got over 30.000 messages.
I really think this is a great way to involve people with this brand.

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