Mark Andrew Webber

Mark Andrew Webber is an amazing graphic designer who is totally in love with typography and lino carved fonts.
He’s been working on a serie of city maps. Mark has done New York, London, Amsterdam and now he just finished carving his Paris map. What a patience!




He is going to print it any time soon, i’m pretty sure you will be able to see it printed on his website

Amsterdam map printed looked like this


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Frozen clowns :)

CAROUSEL, is a short film by Philips, and Stink Digital to advertise their new televisions CINEMA 21:9.
This ad was done by Tribal DDB, Amsterdam, directed by Adam Berg.
The result is a bit like matrix mixed up with the scene of the bank from the dark knight (it misses the yellow bus!)
I have nothing agains this, its actually pretty well done and i bet this costed a lot of money, but i think two minutes and 19 seconds, its a bit too long for this kind of ad…the good thing the more you see it the more you see the details, and it loops :)

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