Arial vs Helvetica

Arial Font is used by everyone, everywhere and most people think it’s a good font to use…
It’s better than comic sans, that’s for sure, but here’s a video made by the guys at Hungry Beast that explain why arial is not good (specially when there are other great free fonts around).

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Lady Rouge by Dior

Following up the Lady Noir affair, Marion Cotillard and Dior are back with a new campaign called “Lady Rouge”.
But this time Marion is not alone! Franz Ferdinand is also with her and they made a really cool song called “The eyes of Mars” and a video!
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Tostitos taking over vimeo!

Tostitos just released their new ad for their Restaurant Style Salsa on vimeo.
It’s been buzzing quite a lot around here for the last few hours. Its a great example of flash/video integration on a website. I know the embed video is colorful and cute sure but this is one of those ads you have to go to their website to see it.
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