Electric love – match.com

The agency Binder FC Comunicação and the production agency Hungry Man BR made this beautiful ad for Match.com in Brazil.
On the film you can see the story of a male character who has a hard time finding his other half on the real world.
I really like the music chosen and the way the actors play on the video, even if you don’t see their faces you can somehow see their emotions. The ad was directed by Paulo Gandra and released early 2011 as part of a 2 film campaign. Continue reading “Electric love – match.com”

Whooper Face

Current "blue crescent" logo (August...
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Burger King brazil is buzzing a lot this week with it’s new packaging for custom sandwiches.
This only seems to work only when you ask for a custom sandwich, they take a picture of you and they put it in the packaging. They made a system of cameras/printers to do it super fast and surprise the customer.
Too bad we only have Mc Donnalds and Quick and no Burger King in France. It could be fun to see something like this over here :)
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