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Burger King brazil is buzzing a lot this week with it’s new packaging for custom sandwiches.
This only seems to work only when you ask for a custom sandwich, they take a picture of you and they put it in the packaging. They made a system of cameras/printers to do it super fast and surprise the customer.
Too bad we only have Mc Donnalds and Quick and no Burger King in France. It could be fun to see something like this over here :)
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Did you find a lost wallet?

Some people in Florida and Chicago reported they found around 5000 lost wallets last week.
Its actually the last campaign for Burger King, not bad when the country is in crisis.
The wallet contained a message saying they should not return the wallet to the police, and a driver licence with the picture of burger king’s King, a map that shows where the restaurants are, a prepaid card of 5$ to 20$ and a bill from 1$ to 100$.
Some may think how original! but no! they actually copied Mc Donald’s!
Still i think its a good idea to use this kind of street marketing.

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