The Japanese Popstars – Let Go

Wow! This must be one of the freakiest music videos i’ve seen in a while!
It was directed by David Wilson for the song “Let Go” from “The Japanese Popstars”
The video took 20 days of intensive work…and gladly he was not alone doing all the work!
There was actually a little army of helpers doing the illustrations/animations/colouring and after effect composing and they really did a good job!
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100 cats take over Ikea!

Did you ever wonder what would happen if one hundred cats were set loose in a big shop like Ikea for one night?
I’m guessing the answer is no for most of you, but someone actually did wonder about this and Ikea liked the idea, so they did it…
They brought one hundred of the most cute cats they could find and they filmed them for a night, just to see what they would do in the shop.

The result is by far one of the cutest ads of the year, and if you love cats, i’m pretty sure you will love this :) Continue reading “100 cats take over Ikea!”

Win Luerzer’s Archive’s brand new book: 200 Best Packaging Design 2010/2011

Luerzer’s Archive contacted me few days ago to introduce me their new book called “200 Best Packaging Design 2010/2011″.
They sent me a copy of the book over the mail and i had the chance to take a look at it for a while. The book features some of the most amazing packaging designs from all over the world at the moment.

It is a great source of inspiration for all the creative people out there! The book is divided into several categories (such as alcoholic, or non alcoholic drinks, publishing, shopping bags, cosmetics and many more…)

If you are into graphic design/packaging you will love this!

The good thing is, Luerzer’s Archive proposed me to make a little contest for my readers!
So, 15 lucky people will get the book for free!  :)
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