Disney’s tiny little world

  I’m not the kind of person that likes to go to Disney a lot but i have to admit, this tilt-shift video is really cute and makes me wanna go there! This video makes the whole park look like a toy play set. This nice viral ad was made at Disneyland Paris and it […]


Pirates of the Caribbean – On stranger tides – Trailer

Good news! Jack Sparrow is back with a new adventure! This time he’s taking the black pearl to the fountain of youth! Disney just released the official trailer for the movie, and it looks great :) The film is coming out in may 20th 2011, so i guess we’ll have to be patient! This seems […]


Toy Story 3 Trailer

Toy Story will be back, again next year and Disney/Pixar just released the official trailer, but before we go to that, here’s the teaser. I know it was released a few months ago but i didn’t see it until now. The movie is comming out on June 18, 2010 and here’s the brand new trailer! […]


Partly cloudy

Ever wondered how babies are born? well Pixar seems to have the answer to this question on this heartwarming and cute short film directed by Peter Sohn, a great pixar animator and story artist who also did the voice of Emile in Ratatouille. This is shown before their new film by Pixar and Disney: Up […]