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Typeface trailer

Today, nearly all graphic designers work on computers, typography is digital, most students in graphic design schools never used or never crafted a real type with their hands. Maybe that’s probably the difference today, between a good graphic design school and a bad one, in the bad one they will probably use only a computer and never work with their hands, wich i think it’s really wrong. I was lucky enough to be at a good school and learn how to hand craft type. I know it’s a pain to…

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How to draw a font with a car!

The guys from PLEASELETMEDESIGN (a graphic design studio in Belgium) had a crazy idea to promote one of the new Toyota cars, the “iQ”. They used a car to draw a full font family! They studied the different ways the car could do to draw the font, put a camera in the ceiling of an hangar and tracked the car to see how it moves. Then on the computer they used all that to create the font family. Here’s the making of

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New skin for the website

I got tired of the old skin, it had some bugs and it was incredibly slow to load…so i worked on a new skin for the website. Im still tweaking it, so if you see anything weird going on don’t worry, its probably me that touched something… Some things are gone, some things are comming back soon, i want this skin to be as readable as possible, and clean. I know im using big type, but according to my stats most of the people have good resolutions on the screen,…

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