Top 10 articles and stats of 2009

One more year is over and with the new year we get the stats of the past year.

The website grew up a lot in the last year, actually it is four or five times bigger than last year… this is also why i’ve been doing some modifications to get a better database that works faster and can handle more people.
Some interesting facts i found out were:
– Firefox wins the browser battle with 51 % Internet explorer 24,85 % Safari 14,68% Chrome 5,43% Opera 1,70%
– Most people came from: Google, Twitter, Networked blogs, and Facebook and other blogs.

– The people who visit the blog speak mainly three languages… first english, second french, and then spanish… Actually the first country with the most visitors here is France, then we have US, UK, Spain, Canada and Brazil (out of 117 countries).

This leave me with a question, should i do a french version of this website? the french visitors are actually a lot (they are nearly as much as the english visitors)…and some agencies even asked me to publish contests for french people around. So, i’m kind of giving it a thought.

Anyway i decided to make a list of the most visited articles from last year on this blog and share them with you all.

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New server! Faster website!

Some time ago i started having little problems with the old database on this website.
It was quite slow, it crashed often and was not allowing many people to get in at the same time.
This website got bigger since the start and i decided to upgrade it and get a new server.
So i spent a couple of hours transfering all the database and files…and doing few changes here and there…
You may not see all the changes but you may notice that the website runs a lot faster than before.
I hope you enjoy it :)

In case you wonder

I know i haven’t been posting that much and i’m sorry!
Im having a hard time finishing the year in college (lots to do!), right now im working night and day to finish what i have to do for my jury, so the blog will be back on june 4 and we’ll have lots of new articles then :)
Maybe i’ll post something before if i get to finish everything quickly. Anyway, wish me luck in my jury so i can pass to the next year ;)

Testing facebook connect

From now on, you can login to the site using Sixjumps plugin for facebook connect, this will add some new features to the site that i hope you will like.

Here’s a little video on how it works:

I’ve been doing some internal work to the website also…this should improve certain things on the site.

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