X-Men: First Class title sequence and trailer


  Few days ago i saw the work of Joe D! in vimeo, he was inspired by a bunch of 60’s movies and he made a bootleg title sequence on after effects for the upcoming X-Men movie. This prequel takes place in the 60’s and will be focused in the stories of Magneto and Professor […]


Paul – Review

  Few days ago i had the chance to see “Paul”, the alien movie, not the octopus ;) The movie is about two geeky english guys going on a trip to see Comic-con and then visiting the area 54 whereabouts… during that trip they find some impolite but funny alien named Paul who just escaped […]


L’homme qui voulait vivre sa vie – Review

Few days ago i was invited by Ulike to the french premiere of the film “The big picture“, also known in french as “L’homme qui voulait vivre sa vie”. The film was inspired from the book “The big picture” by Douglas Kennedy. It  features people like Romain Duris, Catherine Deneuve, Marina Foïs and Niels Arestrup. It […]


Tron Legacy + Daft Punk

I love Daft Punk and i’m pretty happy they are back with a new soundtrack for the movie Tron Legacy. A new trailer featuring one of their songs has been released and it looks pretty promising. I think Disney chose the right band when they hired them for this film… they also wear helmets! Enough […]