No strings attached – Film review


Few days ago i was at the premiere of the film called “No strings attached‘ with some friends.
This comedy features Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. I know the title might seem a little strange if you are outside US, but this film is also called “Sex friends” in some countries like France. The film was directed by Ivan Reitman, who was there to show us the film :)

The story is about this girl (Emma) who can’t be in a real relationship and her brokenhearted friend (Adam). They start being more than friends at some point and they try to keep on being friends. Continue reading “No strings attached – Film review”

The King’s Speech – review

Yesterday i was at the french avant premiere of The king’s speech with friends, thanks to Allocine.
I knew the film was nominated for the Oscars and the Golden globes but i didn’t want to watch the trailer before watching the film, i just wanted to discover it and i think i did the right thing because i was basically blown away.
This film was a such an amazing surprise, the story was not focused on this man being a king but on his fight against his stammer. Actors are perfect, i believe that Colin Firth should win the Oscar for best actor (and if he don’t, then it would be pretty unfair). This film deserve a bunch of oscars and golden globes, really!
It is really well directed, the exterior shots and photography are just beautiful. Decors and wardrobe are sumptuous.
I did not feel like there were long parts that should have been cut, the whole thing is is very well done.
I will not talk much about the plot of the film because i believe you should go see it, this might be one of the best movies of the year
The trailer is here below but i warn you (if you haven’t watched the film yet), go see the film before watching the trailer, it tells too much and i think it’s better to just see this film, just trust me on this one :) Continue reading “The King’s Speech – review”

Pirates of the Caribbean – On stranger tides – Trailer

Good news! Jack Sparrow is back with a new adventure!
This time he’s taking the black pearl to the fountain of youth!
Disney just released the official trailer for the movie, and it looks great :)
The film is coming out in may 20th 2011, so i guess we’ll have to be patient!
This seems to be one of the coolest movies of the year where you can get pirates, zombies and mermaids all together!

Here’s the trailer: Continue reading “Pirates of the Caribbean – On stranger tides – Trailer”

Win tickets for the “Monsters” premiere in Paris

If you like big monsters and you happen to be in Paris next week i have good news for you.
Thanks to Allocine, i happen to have a couple of extra tickets for the premiere of the movie “Monsters” for one lucky winner in the blog. That is one ticket for the person who won and their lucky friend/lover/dog/alien.

So to win the tickets all you have to do is to become a facebook fan here and click on “i like” on this article on the fan page or in my wall You can also retweet the article or make a comment to participate before Monday at 12:00 hs Paris time.

This contest is open to anyone that can be available in Paris the 25 november at 19:00 hs.

I use and i will let the winner know  on monday 22 november afternoon and he/she will have to send me back in private, the name of the person they choose to go with, so they get added to the list before the 23 november at 12:00, else i will pick someone else who participated.
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