Rollercoaster by Barclays

Wouldn’t it be cool to take a rollercoaster to go home after work instead of those boring subways or cars that get stuck in traffic jams?
Following up the success of their previous ad called “Waterslide” Barclays, just released a brand their new ad called “Rollercoaster”. It was shot by director Nicolai Fuglsig in New York. The product advertised is still the Barclaycard, a credit card you can use to pay easily.
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Tim Burton expo at MoMA

I’m a big big fan of Mr Burton‘s work, and i just found out about his expo at MoMA NY.
Too bad i’m in Paris and i can’t go see it, but if you happen to be in New York between november 22 2009 and april 26 2010 and you love his work too, you shouldn’t miss it!
Here’s the trailer:

You can get more information on ticket prices and other things here

And you can see the making of the MoMA animation here

Via: Smelly cat