Daft Punk x Coca Cola – limited edition bottle

The Daft Punk are collaborating again with Coca Cola for a new serie of limited edition bottles. As most of you know, they released last year with a serie of metal daft punk/coke bottles.

This time the bottles are in glass, hand made, they are decorated with gold and silver, the materials of the Daft Punk helmets.

The whole thing is presented in a beautiful box designed by the band. Only 20 boxes will be made and you can win one at†DaftCoke.com. their website is really beautiful also. I would really love to have one of these!

Here below you can see some pictures made by†Mitchell Feinberg, enjoy :)
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Win Luerzer’s Archive’s brand new book: 200 Best Packaging Design 2010/2011

Luerzer’s Archive contacted me few days ago to introduce me their new book called “200 Best Packaging Design 2010/2011″.
They sent me a copy of the book over the mail and i had the chance to take a look at it for a while. The book features some of the most amazing packaging designs from all over the world at the moment.

It is a great source of inspiration for all the creative people out there! The book is divided into several categories (such as alcoholic, or non alcoholic drinks, publishing, shopping bags, cosmetics and many more…)

If you are into graphic design/packaging you will love this!

The good thing is, Luerzer’s Archive proposed me to make a little contest for my readers!
So, 15 lucky people will get the book for free!  :)
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Puma’s Clever Little Bag

After 21 months of work Puma and Fuseproject just relased their new ecologic packaging for their shoes.
It’s called ‘Clever Little Bag’. It is basically a bag, and a cardboard structure inside.
The cardboard has been reduced by 65% maintaining the structure of a box.
There is no laminated printing and no tissue paper, weight less, cost less to produce and you still get a bag to carry your shoes around.
This will probably save the brand millions of dollars and allowing them to go green and make a better brand image.
Not to mention the fact that people carrying the bags will indirectly advertise the brand for them by using them in every day life.
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