This Is Where We Live

This a bit old but i don’t care because you will probably love it too.
This beautiful stop motion animation was made for 4th Estate Publishers’ 25th Anniversary.
It was produced by Apt Studio and Asylum Films. It took 3 weeks to produce and it took 20 animators, and more than 1,000 books!.

Check out the making of right below!
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Sipho Mabona

I just happen to find Sipho Mabona, origami videos on vimeo and i loved that :)
He started folding papers when he was 5 years old and he is so good at it that he now work for big companies like Asics, Siemens, ROI advertising, Epson, Emmi, Antalis and Reichmuth Privatbankiers.

Here are some of his beautiful videos :)

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