Win your ticket for the premiere of Toy Story 3 in Paris

Good news! Thanks to Allocine, today i’ll be running a little contest on the blog!
I know i didn’t do a lot of contests before but if this goes well maybe i’ll do more in the future :)

As many of you know the film Toy Story 3 is comming out these days in the theaters worldwide and i already spoke about this movie on the blog a while ago.

So today i have the chance to offer the french fans (and those who don’t live in Paris but can get there somehow) the chance to be at the french première of the film. Continue reading “Win your ticket for the premiere of Toy Story 3 in Paris”

Toy Story 3 Trailer

Toy Story will be back, again next year and Disney/Pixar just released the official trailer, but before we go to that, here’s the teaser. I know it was released a few months ago but i didn’t see it until now.

The movie is comming out on June 18, 2010 and here’s the brand new trailer! enjoy! :)

Partly cloudy

Ever wondered how babies are born? well Pixar seems to have the answer to this question on this heartwarming and cute short film directed by Peter Sohn, a great pixar animator and story artist who also did the voice of Emile in Ratatouille.
This is shown before their new film by Pixar and Disney: Up

I could not help myself from posting this! enjoy! :D

Partly Cloud

Don’t forget to go to the cinema watch their new film, i know i will ;)

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