FITC: The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

Saatchi & Saatchi Canada released this film for FITC Canada few days ago, showing what the future of advertising would be like if all advertising agencies continued doing business “the old way”, never embrace digital media, don’t reach consumers and care little about branding.
Of course this is exagerated and i’m pretty sure some people will laugh at this video, and some won’t, but, what do you think? Is TV really dead or is this ad a bit too much?. Continue reading “FITC: The Last Advertising Agency on Earth”

Return to the Doghouse

JCPenney is back with last year’s campaign “Beware of the doghouse” (it was posted here months ago).
The concept is still the same: A guy give a lousy gift or do something inapropiate to his girlfriend/wife and they end up in the doghouse as punishment.
This time they have found another clever twist to the story, because they keep the same website as last year but this time they give women the possibility to send their lousy boyfriends/husbands to the doghouse and make them pay :)

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Saatchi & Saatchi Romania did a very cute ad for a very difficult topic. The spot is called Choices and the client is United Way Romania. It was directed by :weareom: and illustrated by Andy ‘Sinboy’ luke. Animated by Adrian Aghenitei, Silviu Visan, Bogdan Zelinschi. The sound was done by : Alin Flaidar and it was produced by Studioset

They actually cut out every little piece in paper and then worked a lot with after effects, looks a bit like south park to me :)

There is a making of right here:

they seem to have some good fun in there :)

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