Arial vs Helvetica

Arial Font is used by everyone, everywhere and most people think it’s a good font to use… It’s better than comic sans, that’s for sure, but here’s a video made by the guys at Hungry Beast that explain why arial is not good (specially when there are other great free fonts around).


When typographers get high

Designers work hard, they work really hard, and often get little sleep…all those nights of kerning while in “charrette” can cloud anyone’s judgement and make in the office, what we call in french “un p├ętage de plombs”. This video from a bunch of crazy and funny typographers made me laugh pretty hard! They actually decided […]


New skin for the website

I got tired of the old skin, it had some bugs and it was incredibly slow to load…so i worked on a new skin for the website. Im still tweaking it, so if you see anything weird going on don’t worry, its probably me that touched something… Some things are gone, some things are comming […]