La Maison en petits cubes

Kunio Kato, won an Oscar this year (2009) with this beautiful short film, named “La Maison en petits cubes“.
I love the way it was drawn, and the way the story is told, i bet it can make people cry!
The storytelling in the film reminded me a bit the first minutes of pixar’s Up (wich came out after this short film).

Kunio Kato said he was very inspired by:
Webdy Tilby & Amanda Forbis’ “When the day breaks” (1999)
Jean Pierre Jeunet’s “Delicatessen” (1991)
Fumiko Takano’s art
Yoji Yamada‘s “Otoko Wa Tsurai Yo

I think, he totally deserved the award! ;)


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Love and War

Love and war is an animated opera (in italian), directed by Fredik Emilson.
Its the story of a bunny nurse that fall in love with a soldier bear during the war.
This short film won at Los Angeles Film Festival (best animated/experimental short), Golden Lion Film Festival (best short film), and Nordisk panorama (best short film).
The Voice of the bunny is singed by Marie Alexis and the bear is Fredrik Sjöstedt. You can buy the film here for your ipod/dvd/HD

via: arturogoga

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