True Colors

The people from Quintessenz Creation made really amazing stop motion video called “True Colors”. The video has something like 5000 frames and 15 frames per second and there are no digital effects, everything was done by hand and it took 4 months of hard work. As you may see in the video, there is no […]


Memoirs of a Scanner


This really cool stop motion video shows the memories of a scanner and the things that happened during it’s working life. It sure has an interesting way to see things :) The video was shot by Damon Stea and the guys from Mindfruit studios using a Canon Flatbed Computer Scanner and the music was made […]


Grindin’ by Nobody Beats the Drum

Rogier van der Zwaag, the director of this clip, contacted me today to show me his new clip a the song called Grindin’ by Nobody beats the drum. It’s all very colorful and well rhythmed. I am pretty sure this took ages to do, because Rogier used something like: 400 wooden blocks, moving them one […]


Adobe Photoshop Cook


Photoshop is an amazing program that can make many things. What i didn’t know is that you could do some cooking with it :) This video was made on stop motion by Stephanie for a competition AdobeYouGC