A memory card going through hell

Samsung and The Viral Factory released a new video few days ago.
They decided to put to the test their memory cards and they recreated something that looks pretty much like hell for any memory card.
The video starts with a guy taking his picture and then the card is put in some kind of rollercoaster that makes the card go through different things like fire, water, a hammer, a puppy, and many other things.

I don’t know about the card but i would like to have the camera that filmed this :)
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Augmented (Hyper) Reality

Keiichi Matsuda made this really cool project for his Masters degrée final project in architecture.
He imagined how the world would be if we mixed augmented reality to everyday life.
Some things look really cool, like the way you can see your friends and talk to them, the way you could interact with things and find information. I’m sure this kind of technology can be very useful in a lot of ways.
But some other things look a bit scary, according to this video, brands would be pretty much everywhere polluting your sight, and you wouldn’t need to use your brain very much to make something as simple as a tea. I wonder if this kind of thing would make us dumber if it existed…
The thing is i’m not sure we are very very far from having something like this one day.
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