Mobius – ENESS


Möbius is a collaborative sculpture created by the ENESS group in federation square, Melbourne, Australia.

It took about two weeks of work, to move and animate this stop-motion sculpture to create this video.

There were Twenty-one big triangles, that were moved in different patterns every day, using time-lapse photography creating the optical illusion. Well enough said, just watch :) Continue reading “Mobius – ENESS”

Tokyo – Time lapse


I always wanted to visit Japan, and i was thinking of going there in the near future when all the earthquake and nuclear disaster happened. Today i stumbled upon this beautiful time lapse of Tokyo made by Stephan Werc this reminded me how much i would like to go there one day (maybe when things go back to normal).
Stephan used a Canon 7D. The song is called “get up and go” from the band Broadcast 2000. Continue reading “Tokyo – Time lapse”

Ants + Scanner

François Vautier is a french film maker and graphic designer. He worked for french TV channels and he made some films.

Five years ago, he had an old scanner somewhere and he had the crazy idea of putting ants inside, to see how they live.
Basically he scanned the ants once a week for five years giving as a result a really nice mix of a nature/digital universe.
You can see how nature takes over the the rest in this very well rhymed timelapse video.
I think it’s fascinating and i love the result :D

Continue reading “Ants + Scanner”