Cardboard Camera Time lapse

Kiel Johnson made a Cardboard Sculpture of a Twin Lens Reflex Camera
To make it he only used cardboard, hot glue, tape and a lot of patience!.
You can check out his work here

Kiel Johnson’s Cardboard Twin Lens Reflex Camera Time Lapse from Theo Jemison on Vimeo.

Some time Later they made the sculpture into a pinhole camera and took some pictures you can see here.

Director of Photography: Theo Jemison
Edited By: Arthur Mor
Music By: Sixto Rodriguez
Shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, and other Canon SLR cameras.

Via: Make :

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Rush Hour – London

It’s been a while since i last posted a time lapse film in here.
Chris Searson got inspired by Koyaanisqatsi and did this video about rush hours in london.
He says “A DSLR was set up to take a frame every 2 secs with a shutter speed of around 0.3 – 2 secs with an ND8 filter was used to create a motion blur which helps to increase the sense of rush and movement within the film.

via: pasa la vida

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Twin Peaks San Francisco Sunrise

Chad Richard made this beautiful and relaxing HDR time-lapse from Twin Peaks. He says “It was a glorious moment because mother nature was behaving, unlike the last 2 early morning efforts where I was too fogged in. I was also shooting with my new Nikon D700 and a new 14-24mm ultrawide which is just a great combo since the D700 is a full frame camera!”

If you wonder wich song he used it is RJD2’s remix of Astrud Gilberto’s, Gentle Rain.

Twin Peaks San Francisco Sunrise (HDR time-lapse) from Chad Richard on Vimeo.

There is also this one where he used over 50.000 pictures ;)

Fly Away to Vancouver from Chad Richard on Vimeo.