Ikea going viral on Facebook

I love good virals and today i came across the new ikea viral on Facebook.
They only created one profile on Facebook for the manager of their new store in Malmö and they used regular Facebook tools to do the rest.
So how did it work? people would friend to the ikea manager on Facebook and wait for him to post a picture on his wall (this lasted something like two weeks), when that happens people would choose an object and tag themselves. The first one to get tagged to the object, won the object and people went crazy waiting for him to post pictures.
Note they didn’t have to develop any particular Facebook tools, and the campaign cost was nothing compared to a regular advertising campaign (tv, print, etc)
Now i am not very sure Facebook likes this because i think there are some Facebook rules against these kind of behavior….but who cares, these people were happy with their new ikea stuff.

via: Mashable

Motrin’s viral campaign that goes totally wrong!

Motrin has released a really good example of a bad viral campaign, everyone speak of this company but not in the right way….they even had to apologize for this ad after all the rageous comments of thousands of internet moms who are now boycotting the brand…

The art direction is good but their message is totally wrong and even if it has a good art, if the message don’t work then the ad sucks.
They should have thinked twice before attacking mom’s in something like this with such an agressive message….i really wonder how they even release this kind of thing on the net, viral marketing is nice yes but when people don’t hate your brand! duh! don’t they check with other people? specially people who know about the subject….like moms?

well here’s the ad..

updated: the video was taken off i don’t know why, but i updated the link

via: adfreak