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Augmented (Hyper) Reality

Keiichi Matsuda made this really cool project for his Masters degrée final project in architecture. He imagined how the world would be if we mixed augmented reality to everyday life. Some things look really cool, like the way you can see your friends and talk to them, the way you could interact with things and find information. I’m sure this kind of technology can be very useful in a lot of ways. But some other things look a bit scary, according to this video, brands would be pretty much everywhere…

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Artificial Paradise, Inc.

Jean-Paul Frenay and his team made this futuristic/chaotic 3-D animation, named “Artificial Paradise, Inc”. The idea behind this video is to show us a future where we could search through all the lost memories of humankind using some kind of virual organic technology developped by one massive company.

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Virtual Gravity

Silke Hilsing made an amazing project called Virtual Gravity. His system weight words litterally by their popularity. I really like the way you can copy the words and transfer them to another place… Silke explains “Virtual gravity is an interface between digital and analog world. With the aid of analog carriers, virtual terms can be taken up and transported from a loading screen to an analog scale. The importance and popularity of these terms, outputted as a virtual weight, can be weighed physically and be compared. Therefore impalpable, digital data…

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