Yoko Furusho – Illustration

Some days ago, i saw the portfolio of Yoko Furusho, an illustrator artist from Tokyo now living in New York. I was really amazed by her details, her textures and how beautiful her drawings are. Yoko usually works with fashion magazines as illustrator and has won several prizes. I’m showing you a few of her […]


CJ Burton photography

CJ Burton is an amazing photographer. He has been working since 2001 with big companies like Visa, Subway, Procter & Gamble, Time magazine, Newsweek, Vitamin Water, and many more. He mainly mixes photomontage plus illustration to recreate these situations and it’s really well done!. His pictures try to show in some way different situations in […]


Slinkachu’s Tiny People

Slinkachu has been mixing photography and street based installations. Back in 2006 he started the ‘Little People Project’. He started remodeling miniature model train set characters by hand, painting them and then put them in different situations all over the city. Slinchaku says “It is both a street art installation project and a photography project. […]


Able Parris


Able Parris is a graphic designer/collage artist who do really beautiful things. He like to work with paper, cut and paste things on his Moleskine, play with typography and draw just anything that comes to his mind. I really think designers who keep working with paper instead with a computer only, do the most beautiful […]