Mommy this video hurt my eyes!!

Ever tried to read a video with bad encoding quality? the image would froze and pixelate…until it refreshes again.

Chairlift and director Ray Tintori thought it would be nice to use this effect on their song “Evident Utensil”. The band also did an ipod ad with their other song called “Bruises”.

This video is interesting but it make my eyes bleed…so here it is, enjoy!

you can check the video in even better quality here. The band also has a myspace here

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Weird tonge painter

The artist Ani K, an indian art professor always wanted to be different no matter what.
The tried painting with his nose, but then he realised painting with his tongue its a lot better
I dont think paint taste that good….but he can paint something in 3 days.
It kinda looks weird when you see him painting :|

is it only me or it is a bit gross :|

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Xmas geeky crap

Yes its that time of the year again…people full of christmas spirit buying pretty much anything at the last minute, rushing into shops, lots and lots of advertising, tv series can’t prevent themselves from doing the xmas special just like some people who decorate their place like they prepare for competition or something…just like the guy who did this amazingly coordinated lights:
Amazing Perth Christmas Lights 2008Click here for more blooper videos

First, its not a theme park its a house… i bet he should think about that next time..and second, i guess he didn’t care about the poor neighbor who has to hear the ugly song over and over again…every night…yes, they have a show every single night (to collect funds for a cause wich is the good part) and they use mainly LEDs so it only cost $5 in electricity per night.

Anyway after this we have the ugly geeky tree located in Plaza de Castilla (Madrid)

you can see how it was put together

Arbol Pac-Man from Timelapses.TV on Vimeo.

and how ugly it looks when it’s done

I wonder how much did this thing cost

I should go take some pictures of paris lights…they are pretty well done.

Can you guess what are these ads for?

There are two new ads that can go well in the funny/weird category..if you can guess what product it is for without reading any titles, then you are pretty good, i’ll post the answers at the end of the post.
I really don’t know what they smoke :)

For the first one:

Thanks Paula for sending this one

For the second:

ok for the answers:

for the first one its an ad for the game de blob, yes i know…there is nothing about that game on that video but the guy dances really well…

I dont know who did this but i do have a trailer for the game here

and for the second one
Its for Diesel by FarFar Stockholm
Sound: Legs

yes i dont know what they do all the creative people who work for diesel these days…they do watch a lot of porn for sure

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